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Getting Connected Online

Who this service is for
Now, more than ever, is the time to help people get connected ONLINE

Do you know someone who needs to remain in their homes during the Red Traffic Light System under our nation's response to Covid-19, and doesn't have access to the internet?


We have a small team of people who would like to help get them connected. Sometimes the barrier to getting connected can be due to a lack of confidence or knowledge - especially with older people who didn't use computers at school or at work.  Sometimes it may be the initial cost-outlay of getting a device (such as a phone or tablet).  This service offers people the support they need to get online and get connected with their friends, family or organisations.

This helps minimise isolation, and increases their sense of connection locally, in New Zealand and with what's happening around the world

This service is only available to people in Palmerston North or surrounds.

A few things you need to know about the service
It's a good-will service.  The church provides a device and set-up support to get people connected

Below are some important points about this service in helping people get connected:

  1. If you are referring someone, always seek their permission first to pass on their name and contact information, before contacting us.

  2. When we receive the information we need, we'll get in touch with the person directly to assess where they're at, what they might need or not need.

  3. The church will lend them a device long-term, if they cannot afford one themselves.  

  4. The person will need to fill out a Memorandum of Understanding, so they understand what we're offering, and what they're accepting.  It's important to us that people understand what they are committing to.

  5. While we offer the set-up of this service out of good will, the person will need to pay the on-going cost of being connected i.e., their data plan.

  6. We are not technology brokers, and don't receive any incentives for setting up or recommending plans.  We simply choose what we believe best suits the person for their situation at the time of setting it up.

  7. Only one device is lent out to each household, and only to the people who fit the criteria for this service.

  8. We'll use remote access to help set up and offer on-going support.

  9. The person can withdrawn at any stage.  We will pick-up any lent items such as devices.

How to access the service
Available between 9.00am and 1.00pm Monday to Friday

To access the service, please call Pathways Church office on: 06 358 0884. Alternatively, you can email, but let us know your phone number and name too.

Key points
How to access it
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