Exploring the qualities of a full and free life

Exploring the sayings of Jesus from his Sermon on the Mount

Some of the most well-known saying of Jesus come from his Sermon on the Mount.  In this sermon, Jesus talked about what a full and free life looks and feels like when we are connected to each other and to God.  In his sermon, Jesus offers advice and patterns for forgiving, managing anxiety, generosity, the cost of judgment, how to promise, or loving people we might otherwise avoid or exclude.  

These courses help you explore these topics.  They offer you the opportunity to pause, listen and reflect on what Jesus believed to be most important for individuals, families, communities and the world.  These fifty-minute sessions are for anyone, no matter where you're at with your own spirituality.  All you need is a willingness to explore the person and sayings of Jesus of Nazareth from his most famous sermon.

Some sessions will be held at PNC Roslyn and PNC Awapuni (click here for directions for either facility).  To join via zoom, simply click on the 'join us' button below at the stated date and time.

Image by Josh Applegate
'Don't Worry' with Susan Blaikie
To be held in 2021 
2 hr long session on how to let go and trust God's care during Covid-19
'Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence' with Susan Blaikie
To be held in 2021
4 hr session with lunch.  Exploring and assessing our emotional and spiritual IQ
'Spiritual Gifts' with Susan Blaikie
To be held in 2021
 4.5 hr session with lunch.  Exploring our gifts and talents for ministry