Our leaders and enablers of Presbyterian New Church (PNC)
Bev Quinn
Pastoral Care Leader

Bev enables and coordinates a committed and compassionate team of people who care for those who are particularly frail and/or vulnerable in our community - particularly those who are elderly, living alone or with ill health.  Now 'retired', Bev comes with tremendous experience in hospice work and nursing.  Bev also coordinates the monthly Friends meeting.

Geoff Watson
Community Care & Love

Geoff leads and enables a team of people who work primarily in the community; fostering and sharing God's love and good news.  Geoff has a passion and extraordinary gift for teaching, is a member of the parish council and preaches occasionally.

Music Lessons

Rosanne gives free lessons teaching people all kinds of musical instruments, cellos, guitars, ukuleles, clarinets, piano and/or violins.    

Anne Bennett
Kumbayah Chaplain

Anne comes with a wealth of experience and training as a minister and working alongside people with severe intellectual and physical disabilities.  Anne visits people in residential care facilities or their own homes sharing God's love and good news.

Pam Fawcett
Children & Family Team Leader

Pam brings together decades of experience in teaching with a passion for seeing children thrive in their families and their faith.  Pam leads and enables a broad portfolio; from faith-formation and development of children and families, inter-generational worship, fellowship, and sharing God's good news for all young families in Palmerston North.

Carolyn Bottcher
Parent Enabler

Carolyn has been leading the playgroups at Lighthouse (from the church's facilities at Terrace End/Roslyn) for a few years now.  Carolyn comes with bucket loads of care, compassion and love for all people she comes into contact with.  There is nothing too small or large that Carolyn won't help or enable for someone else.


John Lee
Associate Minister, Korean Congregation

John has a zeal for God's good news!  Ordained in South Korea, John leads a committed community and church family of Koreans living and working in Palmerston North, as well as visiting and supporting a Korean church in Whanganui. 

Judy Seccombe
Parish Clerk

Judy comes with bucket loads of common sense, dry wit, and lots of drive and energy.  Judy has decades of experience in nursing and training/teaching nursing.  Judy provides one-on-one care for some of our older and frailer folk in our communities.  

Tim Burgess
Treasurer & convenor of Finance

Tim is a member of the parish council, plays the ukulele and saxophone, and is treasurer for PNC!  Tim works closely with Marie, our parish administrator, on making sure the finances of PNC are faithfully and carefully applied to enable God's mission.  

Heather Tate
Meeting Point Leader

Heather, with the help of her team, coordinates a gathering of people who meet up regularly to chat, share crafts and stories, enjoy friendship and love.