Playgroups for parents and caregivers with pre-school children

What we offer

Where to find us:

PNC Roslyn Hall

10:00 am

Our playgroups recognise all people as spiritual, physical, emotional and social beings.  You don't have to identify yourself as a Christian to come to playgroup, but you do need to be comfortable with language and values that recognise all people as valued and loved in the image of God, just as they are.  

We're not just about providing a product or service.  We're about fostering and building community and relationships that go beyond playgroup-time.  We want to see families connecting, sharing and growing together.  Too often we can feel alone or overwhelmed, particularly if we don't have strong support structures that are readily available to us.

In short, we're about family.  It's amazing how much richer, fuller and freer our lives are when we explore and expand our worlds together socially, spiritually, emotionally and in play!  

Our Values

Where to find us:

St David's Hall

The five most important words for all children:
I know God loves me

We value showing God's love by providing a place of belonging

We value going the extra mile to reflect God's love for everyone

Play is the way; affirming our inherent value as children of God

Providing and promoting a holistic approach: physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing

Helping parents and caregivers develop their relationship with God and their children in being loving, gracious and responsible

We value showing God's providence by providing key resources from our own whanau, where we have it, so no one goes without

Open Mondays and Thursdays 

Where to find us:

PNC Roslyn Hall

9.30am to 11.30am

While we're operating under Covid-19 Level Alert Two, our playgroups will run a little differently, to make sure we're meeting the requirements set out under the Ministry of Health.  We will be checking each adult and child's temperature as a precaution to make sure we keep everyone safe as best as possible.

What we provide:

  • Welcome, warmth and information from Carolyn our Parent Enabler

  • Hot drinks and cold water (served out by one person)

  • Heated hall space, toilets and changing area

  • Outdoor deck (please note the sandpit outside will be closed off under the current level)

  • Music, activities and toys that are washable

  • Dedicated changing area

  • Special containers for used equipment/toys that will be sterilised afterwards

  • Disinfectant and hand sanitiser

What to bring with you:

  • If it's your first time, we will collect a bit of information from you

  • Any food and drink for you and your child(ren)

  • Spare clothes and nappies (you take used-nappies home with you for disposal)